Cognitive Decline

Learning disabilities can effect everyone, whether through reading or writing disorders,  problems with numbers, or from late effects as a result of treatment for cancer. Using Recursive Learning theory and Cognitive Behaviour training, the Digital Me App can greatly assist with offsetting these conditions without the use of drugs or traditional methods.

Children with Autism

Dealing with any of the disorders in the Autism Syndrome is difficult. However, managing a tailored treatment for your child can be enhanced using the Digital Me app, and recorded improvements can be viewed on a secure database by your child’s clinician. Games and adventures can be individually modified to provide the most effective way to help your child.

Teenagers with ADHD

Whether it is from inattention or hyperactivity, learning always suffers. But the Digital Me app can immerse your teenager in a world of fantasy and challenge while improving their academic abilities. The intuitive scaffolding that guides the player through learning activities can augment or even replace the traditional prescribed medication.